About Me

About me

I am an enthusiastic Content Writer based in India, with a rich experience of 19 years in content writing. Now, an award winning writer and a published author.

Content Writer

Masters in English from Jadavpur University, I have excellent oral and written communication skills along with strong computer proficiency, and a basic overview of business processes and systems. I am looking for a writer’s job that would utilize my aptitude for listening, problem solving and working with computers and abilities to develop relationships to thrive in a team.

Since writing is my passion, I have taken up freelancing as a full time job now and am adept in all kinds of English be it UK, U.S. or Australian. I have been into content writing along with technical writing and ghost writing, for quite some time now. Currently I am writing for various internet marketing agencies, websites alike and as an academic writer. In addition to all this I am also writing for some e-magazines. My expertise includes topical subjects like that of solar energy (products as well), real estate, beauty, jewelry, watches, travel, crafts, crypto, dating, and relationships to name a few of the most written genres.